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Part Number 282024

24V DC severe duty winch rated at 22.000 lb pulling meets or exceeds your expectations
Waterproof and dustproof construction;
- Potted contactor and motor provide complete protection from water penetration and allow dependable operation in up to 1.8 meter of water.
- Rubber seals at motor and gear housing joints for independent water protection
- Double lip and spring seal at drum support racks
- Industrial duty remote control with twist-on connector to provide total protection from water.
Water-proof remote control with thermometric LED indicator alerts when receiving a warning signal from the motor over-heated.
Tough aluminum die cast housings withstand strength of 2 times winch line pull at least.
U.S. Germany, U.K. France, etc patented mechanical cone brake holds the full load without slippage.
Corrosion resistance 720hr
Meets international standards of CE Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE, CE Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EU, and SAE J706 Surface Vehicle standard 2003-08 rev

Rated line pull: 9,980 kg / 22,000 lb (single line)
Line speed ( 1st layer): 9.0 mpm / 29.5 fpm 30 A at 24V no load
1.4 mpm / 4.6 fpm 330 A at 24V full load
Motor: 5,220 w / 7.0 hp 24V series wound
Gear train: 3-stage planetary 343:1
Clutch (freespooling): Rotating ring gear
Brake (outside the drum): Automatic, full load CBS (Cone Brake Structure)
Winch construction: Aluminum die cast housings with steel drum
Drum size:102 mm x 254L mm (4” x 10”L)
Control: Waterproof remote with thermometric indicator LED w/ 5 m (17') cord
Rope type: 6 × 29 - IWRC. (Breaking strength 117.6 kN)
Rope size: 12.7 mm x 25 m (1/2” x 82’)
Mounting bolt pattern: 304 mm x 114.3 mm (12” x 4.5”)
304 mm x 165 mm (12" x 6.5")
Mounting: Foot forward mounting only
* NOTE: Only foot forward mounting can meet SAE J706

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