Collection: Roll-Off Dump Winches

Enhancing Roll-Off Dump Efficiency: The STS Series Winch

Introducing the exclusive COMEUP STS series, meticulously engineered to meet the unique demands of roll-off dump truck and trailer operations. As the sole winch manufacturer to pioneer this specialized design, we have created a solution unparalleled in the industry. Our commitment to innovation is evident in every aspect of the STS series, from its optimized drum and cable system delivering unrivaled pulling power to the innovative Cone Brake Structure ensuring secure load stopping without compromise.

Unlike any other offering on the market, the STS series is purpose-built specifically for light to medium duty cable roll-off dump trucks and trailers. With two capacities available to cater to diverse requirements, our product lineup sets a new standard in performance and reliability. This groundbreaking solution reflects our unwavering dedication to empowering our customers with cutting-edge technology and exceptional service, ultimately elevating their success in the marketplace.