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Wireless Remote Contol - For automotive winches with 3 pin plug

Wireless Remote Contol - For automotive winches with 3 pin plug

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Wireless Remote Control

For Automotive Winches with a 3-pin plug.

Part Number 883870

This COMEUP wireless remote control communicates by a 2.4GHz digital transmission frequency. It delivers a reliable connection at a radius of up to 90 feet (27m) without interference. Users will experience virtually no interference and no time-lag operation when multiple devices are used in the same working area. The two-way communication provides feedback on signal receiving and it requires no manual configuration. With the simple plug-and-play installation it starts working within seconds. Each pairing transmitter links up and stays linked automatically. You never have to worry about anyone having the same frequency. The sooner you install this remote, the faster you will be able to "Work Tough, Play Tough" without the restriction of wires.



  • Works with any 12 or 24 volt solenoid-switched automotive winches. (Except Seal 9.5rsi).
  • Heavy duty series wound motor delivers superior torque output and faster line speed.
  • Submersible sealed contactor with silver-alloy contact pads, thick copper buss bars and submersible construction ensures weather resistance.
  • Patented Cone Brake Structure – “Brake outside the drum” – allows rapid heat dispersion.
  • Tough Aluminum alloy housings.
  • Industrial grade waterproof remote control comes with a thermometric LED indicator on the hand-held switch that automatically alerts when the motor is over-heated.
  • Rugged and quiet 3-stage steel planetary gears for maximum mechanical efficiency.
  • An ergonomic T-handle positively engages the free spool clutch through multiple evenly spaced locking holes for rapid rope payout. The entire clutch can be rotated to reposition the T-handle in multiple locations.
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